AVP Production

Video, like all bigĀ things comes from small beginnings. It can start as simple illustrations, lines of text, and even scribbles. From there, M2 Studio collaborates with you in order to realize the full potential of your ideas. We combine the strength of core video techniques with the use of modern technologies in order to bring your concepts to life. We have done materials for clients both local and international with topics ranging from corporate, advertising, sports, healthcare, shipping, life events and others.

Henry’s Professional – Corporate Profile
Concept by: d in collaboration with M2 Studio
Location: Various Henry’s professional branches and events
Editor: M2 Studio
Cameras: Michael Mariano, Arie Roque, MRI Images & Video
Henry’s Professional – Corporate Profile from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

Star Cruises 2015 HR recruitment video
Concept by: Star Cruises HR headed by Betty Kristine Tan and in collaboration with M2 Studio
Location: Star Cruises ROHQ, Manila
Editor: M2 Studio
Cameras: Michael Mariano, Arie Roque, Reynald Tan (RBC)
Assistants: Alriz Latorre and Tong Latorre
Star Cruises Recruitment Video from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

DJI Ronin Workshop @ Big Brother Manila Studio
Makati, Philippines | September 05 2015
Sponsored by: Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply – Nicholson Ong / DJI Ronin

Instructed and moderated by: Marty Ilagan – MRI Images, Arie Roque and Mike Mariano – M2 Studio
Guest Speakers: Albert Ao of Project Mayo 7, Kalki Jimenez and Reginald Sy of Dronesph – RC Copters Drones Etc.
Wedding Model: Kiks Yao
Hair and Make-up: Kharu Jasmin
Action stunts: Rogue Parkour Team / Nixon Na / Coach Raven
Video camera work by: Kalki Jimenez and Reginald Sy (DJI Drone), Marty Ilagan and Arie Roque (Ronin), Michael Mariano (Nikon DSLR)
Video Editing by: Arie Roque
Photos by: Michael Mariano / Fujifilm XE-2 16-50 lens

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DJI Ronin Workshop | September 05 2015 from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

Project: BareKada
Client: Lay Bare Waxing Salon
Editor: Winston Chua
Director/Colorist: Arie Roque
DP: Michael Mariano
Camera: Kim Pascual & Jun Epres

BareKada from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

Support the Azkals (Philippine National Football Team) this coming September 8, 2015 as they battle it out with Uzbekistan for the Asian Qualifiers (Round 2) @ the Philippine Arena!

Edited and shot by: Arie Roque
Photography by: Michael Mariano

Sparta – sports and recreational training area
LGR – football kits
Music – Skullclub performed by The Glitch Mob 2014 Glass Air Records

LGR – Support the Azkals BTS from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

Same-Day-Edit video for the 20th anniversary of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats.
Client: Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats
Location: Manila Hotel, City of Manila, Philippines
Editor: Winston Chua
Cameras: Arie Roque, Kim Pascual and Jun Epres
Photographers: Michael Mariano, Dave Mariano and Edwin Celestino
Assisted by: Alriz Latorre
CALD 20th Anniversary SDE from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

Concept by: Arie Roque / M2 Studio
Client: Nick Ong and Valerie Lao-Ong
Location: EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
Editor: Arie Roque
Cameras: Michael Mariano and Arie Roque
Shot on: 02.2015

Nick and Valerie Ting Hun Video from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.